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Base Course Aggregate

At H.G. Leach & Co., we produce and supply a range of base course aggregates suitable for highway and high traffic volume rural road construction. Our team can meet the rigorous specifications set by Transit New Zealand for highway construction including TNZ AP 40 and 65.

We also produce and supply NZTA quality base course aggregate suitable for use as site access metal or general site or road construction. General All Passing (GAP) 40 and 65 can be produced to specification for Local Authorities and construction businesses alike. Along with the GAP products, we also produce and supply a range of MAP graded aggregate which is typically used for vehicle access ways, tanker tracks and roading projects.

Laboratory test data for our base course materials are available on request.

Supporting local infrastructure since 1948.

Our local knowledge and years of expertise as a family-business mean that we can deliver results for our service, to the right location at the right time.

Products from our quarries are part of the fabric of our community.