Race Construction

Correct dairy race construction is important. It is essential to ensure good cow flow, reduce lameness and avoid environmental impacts. Poor race design will cause breakdown of the surface, build-up of mud and effluent, and waste money.

Leach Rural Solutions provides access to the best value aggregate products for all your farm race, tanker track and maintenance metal requirements.

Our modern, efficient fleet of trucks can deliver and spread metal where you need it and when you
want it. A well constructed race has a few vital ingredients. It needs:

  • To be wide enough to ensure efficient stock movement and farm vehicle traffic.
  • To have a good base of tough and cost effective crushed rock to ensure longevity and it needs to have either a fine or soft layer on top to protect the hooves of the stock.
  • A crown to ensure sufficient water and effluent drainage.


To make it last a long time these layers must be placed correctly, graded to the correct thickness and shaped, and compacted well.

With an HG Leach grader, roller and possibly an excavator on site, your race will never look so good or last so long.

There are many options for races and lots of farmers have their own preferences often based on what they have used in the past. Whether upgrading an existing race or building a new one, Leach Rural Solutions offers a free consultation service to provide the best solution. We consider the location and ground conditions of the farm, the herd size, what the existing races are constructed with and the
budget available. We are up-to-date with the latest developments, offering up-to-the-minute solutions.