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Charity Fishing Tournament

HG Leach is proud to be the major sponsor of this tournament to benefit the Hamilton Lions cancer lodge. With $3000.00 in cash prizes up for grabs its sure to be popular. If you are a customer contact us now to purchase your ticket for only $20.00, if you are not a customer maybe you… continue reading.

Rural Solutions Team tractor has Trac Map GPS system fitted.

The rural solutions team has gone all High Tech! We have just had a Trac Map GPS system fitted to our tractor. This enables us to spread compost/muck/effluent exactly where you want it with no missed bits or overlaps. We can also provide proof of placement and it saves time, making the job cheaper for… continue reading.

HG Leach May Newsletter 2014

2014 has seen a new development for H.G. Leach & Co. Ltd with Merv Leach and family taking full ownership of the company in mid-December 2013.