Refuse Transfer

Our communities produce unprecedented amounts of waste that need to be disposed of or recycled safely. HG Leach builds and manages Refuse Transfer Stations that are modern, sanitary, and designed to offer communities a user-friendly waste services interface.

Meeting community needs

H.G. Leach & Co. Ltd moved into Refuse Transfer Station management in 1999, as part of the company’s diversification into waste handling services.

HG Leach manages Refuse Transfer Stations under strict environmental controls designed to minimise their impact on surrounding communities. The emphasis is on providing communities, corporations and local bodies with a safe, cost-effective, convenient option for waste disposal and recycling. Refuse Transfer Stations are particularly effective at promoting public safety associated with waste disposal, waste minimisation and recycling because the need for the public to go into the actual dump site is removed.

Specialist disposal = safe disposal

H.G. Leach & Co. Ltd manages the Southern Landfill Refuse Transfer Station on behalf of Wellington City Council. The company handles all the waste that comes into these Refuse Transfer Stations, including transportation and disposal of the waste at the landfill and diversion of recyclable materials for beneficial reuse.

A fleet of specialist waste management vehicles is maintained for this purpose. Skilled Refuse Transfer Station staff are also a key part of the safety equation. Staff members are highly trained in the management of hazardous waste and are sent on regular up skilling courses. Roaming supervisors ensure that standards are being met at all Refuse Transfer Station sites.

Recycling for reuse

As part of its Refuse Transfer Station management service, HG Leach offers a full recycling service for the reduction of waste to landfill, by recycling the following commodities for reuse:

  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic of various grades
  • Motor cars
  • Whiteware
  • Car batteries
  • Green waste

Helping to keep communities safe

HG Leach Refuse Transfer Stations also offer a service for the collection of small quantities (not commercial volumes) of dangerous goods such as pesticides, paint and chemicals. Offering this service allows homeowners to remove the potential fire and safety risks posed by keeping dangerous substances in their houses and sheds. The dangerous goods are disposed of safely through the dangerous goods network to ensure that their potential for environmental  damage is minimised.

Keeping track of trends

Keeping track of the amount and types of waste produced by our communities is vital if landfills are to meet the needs of the future. The sophisticated weighbridges and data tracking systems in place at all HG Leach Refuse Transfer Stations  monitor and record the waste and recycling going into the system. This information is passed on to local bodies, who then have the right data to be able to respond to patterns and volumes of community waste disposal and recycling.