Landfill Rehabilitation

Making the most of knowledge

The diversification of HG Leach into the solid waste business in 1999 coincided with the closure of numerous dumps and small landfills in the region. The introduction of the RMA (Resource Management Act) required all local councils to either upgrade or close many of the small disposal sites and to engineer these to sufficient standards to ensure environmental compliance.

This significant change offered HG Leach the opportunity to further use its skills, knowledge and resource base to make the most of contracting opportunities in the waste industry.

HG Leach has used its contracting skills to undertake contracting works in the following areas:

  • Landfill operations at Matamata Landfill until its closure in Dec 2001
  • Closure and capping works at the Cambridge, Athenree, Matamata,¬†Morrinsville, Thames and Tirau Landfills for various District Councils
  • Environmental protection works and leachate cut-off systems at Cambridge and Athenree Landfills.