HG Leach & Company Limited has an extensive road fleet for transporting aggregate. Ranging in size from 8 tonnes to 30 tonnes, the fleet is in constant operation across the North Island, moving aggregate from the Thames Valley quarries to projects in Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton and the Coromandel.

Clients gain significant advantage from the company’s efficient fleet practice. While urgent deliveries can be accommodated, they are not usually required thanks to the company’s strategic location. Transport schedules to major centres are regular, and backloading is used extensively to ensure efficient transport to these.

Minimising impact

Even with the barging system in place, road transport will remain essential for the servicing of inland markets. HG Leach takes all possible steps to ensure that the environmental impact of its road fleet is minimised, including:


Backloading ensures that vehicles taking up road space are being used effectively, not running empty.

Maintenance schedule

All road vehicles are subject to a rigorous maintenance schedule that keeps them operating as cleanly, efficiently and safely as possible.

Skilled drivers

Every HG Leach transport vehicle is driven by a skilled, highly-trained driver with a licence appropriate to the class of vehicle.

Traffic control

Traffic control methods – including signage, noise and dust monitoring and access control – are implemented at every HG Leach site to ensure the safety of both HG Leach drivers and other road users.