About Leach

A family company

“Strong companies come from strong foundations”

H.G. Leach & Co. Ltd is a privately owned family company with a 60 year history in the Thames Valley. All shareholders live and work in the area and are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for their staff, neighbours and nearby communities.

The company operates four quarries at:

  • Tirohia
  • Matatoki
  • Tahuna, and
  • Waitawheta.

HG Leach manages refuse transfer stations and landfill disposal for local authorities.

HG Leach has extended its operations around the central North Island over the course of 60 years. The company’s reputation for outstanding quality, its strategic placement in relation to key urban markets, and highly effective transport fleet, have all combined to allow HG Leach to expand its operations beyond traditional geographical boundaries and into areas of high demand.

Experience is the key factor that underpins all HG Leach operations. Over fifty four years of learning, intelligence, experiments, hard work and best practice are behind HG Leach & Co. – an efficient, innovative and above all effective company. To be effective, a quarrying and contracting company needs a diverse range of skills, multiple supply sources, flexible transport options, superb equipment and – above all – experience.

For more than fifty four years, HG Leach has been part of the fabric of Thames Valley life. The small drainage and dragline business that Harry Leach and his sons Merv and Bruce Leach started in 1948 has made a significant contribution to the region by providing:

  • Commercial services
  • Employment
  • Essential primary commodities
  • Support for non-commercial community activities.

Regional responsibility is complemented by responsibility to the quarrying and contracting industries. HG Leach is a fully paid up member of the:

Responsible corporate citizenship of this type has clear and tangible benefits for HG Leach’s clients. Membership of industry bodies ensures frequent peer review and a formal commitment to industry best practice.

Company Policies

HG Leach Company policies

Responsible environmental management

Minimal environmental impact at all levels is a key aim of all HG Leach operations. Good environmental practice is integrated into all aspects of the company’s operations as part of sound, long-term planning.

The company is committed to demonstrating excellence in environmental management through an environmentally responsible culture.

Minimum requirements include:

  • Compliance with, as a minimum, all legal & statutory requirements
  • Applying the principles of best practice, sustainable development of natural resources and continuous improvement
  • Reporting on environmental performance.